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Clear Braces

Straighten Your Smile at Any Age

Straight teeth are healthier teeth.

When your teeth are properly aligned, the health benefits are clear:

  • healthier gums - it's easier to brush and floss around properly aligned teeth.
  • improved hygiene - reduce plaque retention, tooth decay and the risk of gum disease
  • less wear and trauma - reduced risk of tooth chipping, breaking, and wear

It’s now easier than ever to straighten your smile. With clear braces, you can eat what you’d like and no one can tell you are wearing them.

If you’d like to consider straightening your smile, give us a call to schedule a consultation. We would love to look after your smile.

Family Dentistry in Ayr

It’s our goal to make each patient feel relaxed and at-ease in our office. We want you to feel at home! For added comfort, you can watch your favourite show while we look after your smile. Your kids can have some fun too by watching their favourite Netflix movie.

Our practice is growing and always accepting new patients and referrals of family and friends.